Scotty McCreery Issued a Statement About His Handgun That the TSA Confiscated

SCOTTY MCCREERY has issued a statement about the handgun that was found in his backpack at the Raleigh-Durham airport last week.  Basically, he’d been at a shooting range a few days earlier and forgot he still had it.

Here’s some of the statement:  “I’ve been a concealed carry permit holder [since] being robbed at gunpoint in 2014, and I take gun safety very seriously.  I didn’t realize I left my pistol in my backpack until TSA found it and rightly confiscated it.

“I had my concealed carry permit on me so once they had checked everything out, they then released me to catch the next available flight.  Great to know our airport security force is on the job.  I have learned a lesson that I won’t forget.”

Scotty was carrying a 9mm Smith & Wesson handgun, plus ammunition.  He was cited with a permit violation and released.

And he wasn’t exaggerating about his concerns after that horrible robbery.  You may remember he actually posted photos of his personal arsenal as a warning to anyone who may have been thinking he was still vulnerable.