Penguins could look different next season

With the end of the 2016-2017 season over. The Penguins repeated as Stanley Cup Champions. Which has all of the area super excited. I know I have my hat and my t-shirt for this year. As well as last year. But we could be seeing a few changes to the 2017-2018 roster. As there are quite a few Restricted and Unrestricted free agents.  We all know that Marc-Andre Fleury was taken by Vegas in the Expansion draft last week. Which was a sad day for all Penguins fans. Marc-Andre is a class act and he will be missed in Pittsburgh. Vegas gained a 3 time Stanley Cup Champion and I am sure he is the starting Goalie. Thank you MAF!

I think the Penguins need to re-sign Chris Kuntiz. Even though Kuni is getting older. He brings experience and leadership. Plus lets not forget he is a 4 time Stanley Cup Champion (1 with the Ducks, 3 with the Penguins). I do believe that Matt Cullen will retire. He is going to be 41 years old and has won 3 Stanley Cups (1 with the Hurricanes, 2 with the Penguins. I wish he would play one more season. It reminds me of the 2008-2009 cup run and how Billy Guerin was the veteran who we all loved. I am hoping that “Dad” plays one more season with the Penguins. Ron Hainsey I believe will not be with the Penguins next season. It was nice to see him finally play in the Playoffs. He finally won a Stanley Cup. But with Kris Letang coming back from Neck Surgery. Ron Hainsey could go and play elsewhere and probably for more money. Than what the Penguins can offer him. Trevor Daley who I am a huge fan of. I think they should try to keep him. But got to remember there is always the Salary Cap. Which they have more room to play with now that MAF is in Vegas. I think Daley has a few good years left in Pittsburgh. Now I am hoping that they resign Bonino Bonino Bonino Bonino Bonino Bonino Bonino Nick Bonino!!!!!  But this is where money also plays a factor.

Can the Penguins repeat or as they say in sports…threepeat!  I would love to see that happen. But come July 1 it is Free Agenecy in the NHL and I will be sure to be following who goes where. It is a hockey fans Christmas! Who will the Pens resign? Who will they sign that was not on the team last season?


These questions will be answered come July 1, We already saw the trade for Ryan Reeves and that pickup will prove to be quite interesting. I will be keeping an eye on Free Agency. Check back here for updates…One more thing Lets go Pens!!  As we get closer to July. Steelers will be opening training camp in Latrobe. Soon preseason football! But lets enjoy summer and the 4th of July!