William Michael Morgan Thought Brothers Osborne Were Tour Managers

You know how people think everyone in show business knows each other . . . but they don’t?  Well, here’s something that happened at the Kicker Country Stampede in Kansas over the weekend that fits the narrative.

It started when BROTHERS OSBORNE sent out this Tweet on Friday.  Quote, “Best part of the day, you ask?  Was just asked which one of us was Cody Johnson’s tour manager . . . by William Michael Morgan.”

Obviously, they weren’t mad, but it was enough for the Internet to make a big deal out of it.  So, William Michael posted this, “Let’s squash this now.  It was all a misunderstanding.  Love those boys and their music and what the stand for.”

And then, as expected, Brothers Osborne, responded, writing, “Ha.  We genuinely thought it was hilarious. Wasn’t trying to start anything with anyone.  We were dressed down in all black in his defense.”