Today Is the First Day of Summer and . . . Spoiler Alert . . . People Are Happy About It

Today’s officially the first day of summer, which is going to be a surprise to lots of people in this country who, sadly, have already MELTED.  (If you heard that the first day of summer was yesterday, that’s technically right too.  It depends on where you live.)

And here’s more SHOCKING NEWS . . . a new survey found people are looking forward to the summer.  Who would’ve guessed?

The survey found 67% of people say they’re looking forward to summer more this year than they have in the past few years.

The top three reasons why are:  It’ll finally give them a chance to hang out with friends and family . . . they’ve worked harder this year than in the past . . . and the weather in spring was worse than usual.

But, of course, The Man is going to get in the way.  34% of people say they feel guilty about taking time off work during the summer . . . and 40% would be willing to take a pay cut if they could work less over the next few months.