Beyoncé’s Twins are Here!

BEYONCÉ’s twins are here, but that’s where the information stops.  Because all anyone has to go on is a Tweet from her dad MATHEW KNOWLES that said, “Happy birthday to the twins!  Love, Granddad.”

As for when she gave birth . . . it seems based on that Tweet that it happened yesterday.  But TMZ claims she popped ’em out last Monday, and there’s some sort of issue that’s kept them in the hospital all this time.

Supposedly, it’s just a minor issue, and the twins are expected to be okay . . . doctors just didn’t feel comfortable releasing them right away.

As far as WHAT descended from the Queen’s golden uterus, there’s evidence it may have been a boy AND a girl.  A woman was seen carrying two baby balloons into UCLA Medical Center:  One pink, one blue . . . with a card for “B & J”.

As you obviously know, because it’s impossible to live on the planet Earth in 2017 and NOT know, Beyoncé and JAY Z also have a 5-year-old daughter named Blue Ivy.