Trace Adkins Had a Naked Hunting Experience

It’s been several years since TRACE ADKINS bragged about being naked in the studio before his surgery.  So I’d say we’re long overdue for a new story.  Trace was talking to the press before his CMA Fest show on Friday when he mentioned a very recent, very unique nude experience.

“I walked outside this morning in my boots, naked, and shot a woodpecker who was beating on the end of my house and woke me up.  I just ratted myself out, because that’s actually against the law to kill a woodpecker.  But, he woke me up.”

Trace killed it using a double barrel shotgun that he keeps next to his bed.  He said he walked outside, saw the bird . . . and then beat on the hood of his truck so it would fly away.  It did and that’s when he shot it.