Goodbye My Friends!! Thank you for 3+ Wonderful Decades!

As I sit here writing this, it really is difficult to pinpoint my absolute FAVORITE moment over the past 3 and half decades that you have allowed me into your lives! But I can tell you that as I start into the next phase of my life..heading to the sunny beaches of Myrtle into semi-retirement..I WILL ALWAYS carry a piece of ALL of you with me.  Altoona is were I was born and raised, and I have been blessed and honored to have worked here on the air for my entire adult life and I am forever indebted to all of you.  But life is short,and over the last few years I have lost way more dear friends than I care to recount, and so I am going to see what “happens next” in the life of this old Sheepdog!  These final two weeks will be bittersweet..let’s enjoy ’em.  And as always…May God bless, and Keep it in your sneaker, my friends!