The Internet Says Dierks Bentley Butchered the National Anthem . . . The Internet is Wrong

DIERKS BENTLEYgot some heat on Twitter for his rendition of the National Anthem last night, before Game Four of the Stanley Cup.  The Nashville Predators won and tied the series 2-2, by the way.

Well, we listened. And . . . it’s a whole lot of noise about nothing.  Aside from a note or two near the end that might have been a little off.  Typical social media.

Granted, Dierks has a natural delivery that’s a little rough around the edges.  But that’s a key to his style, and it’s nice to have different takes on the National Anthem . . . as long as they’re professional, sincere, and in good taste.

Maybe Dierks isn’t a natural fit for a soaring anthem . . . (after all, no one’s gonna put him in the same category as Whitney Houston) . . . but he did fine.

Just spitballin’ here, but could it be that most hockey fans aren’t necessarily country fans?  And maybe they just don’t WANT a natural country sound for the National Anthem?

If that’s the case . . . I get it.  But that’s a lot different than saying Dierks “butchered” the Star Spangled Banner.