Brad Paisley Surprised a High School Graduation

BRAD PAISLEY did a ‘surprise’ appearance at a high school graduation in Illinois on Friday, where he played a few songs and gave a commencement address.

It was part of a contest for his song “Last Time for Everything”.  He’d asked students to send in videos about what they’ll miss most about high school, and the entry from Barrington High School in South Barrington, Illinois won.

He only announced it publicly the day of, so it was a surprise for the students at least.  Obviously the school probably knew ahead of time so they could set up.

He performedthree songs . . . “Letter To Me”, “Today”, and “Last Time For Everything” . . . and talked about enjoying the ride by living in the moment, and not taking the small insults in life too seriously.

Which seems like decent advice for kids obsessed with social media.  Especially in an era where online insults come too easily.

He also had fun at his own expense, and with the kids who cheered during his talk.  One kid shouted “You’re my hero!” . . . so he paused and joked, “Good luck.”

And when a female student shouted “Marry me,” he said, “That would be illegal.”  (You can watch the whole thing here.)