Jason Aldean Hates How Farmers Are Stereotyped

If America’s farmers had a cheerleading squad, JASON ALDEAN could be the captain.  And the fight songs would be right out of his catalog:  “Fly Over States”, “Dirt Road Anthem” . . . and his latest, “They Don’t Know”.

He pays attention to how hard farmers have to work at their job, so it totally frosts his backside when people trivialize what they do.

“Nothing gets under my skin more than being stereotyped.  If you live in some big city and you get all your fruits and vegetables at the grocery store, that stuff didn’t just magically appear on the shelf.

“Some farmer in the Midwest or the South busted his ass to get it there.  That’s how they make their living.  They’re some of the hardest-working people there are.  A lot of times they don’t get the respect they deserve.”

Jason plans to follow the lead of a few others you may recognize.  Quote, “I grew up watching JOHN MELLENCAMP and WILLIE NELSON do Farm Aid.  Those guys are a voice for the people.

“I’m not saying we’re the same, but I’m from middle Georgia . . . no bells and whistles.  So if I can be a voice for the common man, for Middle America, that’s cool with me.”

Meanwhile, Jason’s “They Don’t Know” video is out . . . and it begins by honoring a different group of hard-working Americans.  His road crew.  Along the way you’ll see plenty of pickups, tractors, farmers . . . and some serious muddin’.

(Here’s the video.  It starts with him talking about his tour.  The song kicks in at 0:33.)

One more thing about Jason:  In case you didn’t see it, he posted a gender reveal video.  It’s himself, his wife Brittany, and his two daughters.  They’re holding large balloons that they pop and out comes blue confetti indicating they’re having a boy.