Chris Pratt Got a Special Mix Tape of Chris Stapleton’s New Album

No matter how big of a CHRIS STAPLETON fan you may be, you’re never going to get your hands on this version of From A Room: Volume 1″.  That’s because it’s a special, personalized mix tape that he sent to CHRIS PRATT.

Pratt posted a video online saying they’ve never met but he’s been mentioning in interviews that he’s a huge Chris Stapleton fan, so that’s probably the connection.  He also held up the cassette showing the handwritten version of the album’s title.

He said,”I don’t even know what to say except, ‘If you’re watching this, Chris, Mr. Stapleton, thank you.  I’m a huge fan.’  And look, he even sent this Sony Walkman so I can listen to it.”

In case you’re not familiar, Chris’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” character carries around a Walkman with cassette mix tapes made by his late mother filled with songs she loved.