A Woman Bought Costume Jewelry for $15 at a Flea Market . . . Turns Out It’s Real and Worth $450,000

If you buy a ring at a flea market, usually the best-case scenario is that it doesn’t turn your finger green.  Well . . . this woman’s story just redefined that best-case scenario.

A woman in London, England paid $15 for a costume jewelry ring at a flea market about 30 years ago.  She liked how it looked, so she wore it all the time.

But earlier this year, a jeweler saw it and told her she should have it appraised because it looked real.  So she took it to Sotheby’s, they checked it out . . . and, yeah, it turned out to be an actual diamond ring.

The “costume jewel” was actually a 26.67-carat diamond that’s worth approximately $450,000.

It’s going to be auctioned off on June 7th.