Taylor Swift Sent Flowers and a Handwritten Card to a Fan’s Graduation Party

THIS is why TAYLOR SWIFT’s fans will never desert her, and there’s nothing you can do about it:

A young woman named Ashley Silvers just graduated from the University of Central Florida, and she sent Taylor an invite to her party.  Well, Taylor couldn’t make it, but she sent flowers and a card.  With a HANDWRITTEN message inside.

She said, quote, “I’m so proud of you, your hard work and dedication, your excitement and ambition.  I’m very lucky that a girl like you cares about me.

“Sending you my love and hugs (and to your family!).”

And she doodled inside the card.  Did you hear me?  I said she actually DOODLED!

Even if you can forget about the doodles for a second, who even writes handwritten notes anymore?  Taylor FRICKIN’ Swift, that’s who.  And that’s why she ain’t goin’ nowhere.  Live with it.  (Check out the card and flowers here.)