Brett Young Was Nicknamed After Pamela Anderson in High School

Busting each other’s chops is what guys do especially in high school.  And BRETT YOUNG has a great story about his baseball buddies giving him loads of crap after he got his very first tattoo.

It was a crown of thorns around on his upper left arm  and he got it right around the time the Pamela Anderson movie “Barb Wire” came out.  The guys on the team seized on that and proceeded to call him Pam his entire senior year.

Despite the embarrassment, he ended up getting the tattoo bug.

“It [was] five years down the road when I got one on my ribs. I was in Singapore and I got my last name underneath my heart, and I remember it like it almost felt good.  And I went, ‘Oh that’s weird.’

“And ever since then, the process of getting tattooed is something I enjoy.”

Brett eventually disguised the crown of thorns tattoo by adding more ink to it.