Jason Aldean and Britney Kerr Are Expecting

JASON ALDEAN and BRITNEY KERR are expecting their first child.  They each posted it on Instagram, and the level of cheesy was off the charts.  His is a photo of them next to an open oven with a bun in it.  Yeah, they went there.

It shows Brittany sitting on the counter wearing a “Baby Mama” T-shirt, and he’s on the floor in a “Baby Daddy” shirt.  He captioned it:  “Been hard to keep this secret but we couldn’t be happier to add to our family.  Hashtag #Bun-In-The-Oven.”

Brittany’s post is them in front of a bed that has pink and blue balloons on it.  Jason’s hand is on her pregnant belly . . . and her caption makes it sound like they may have had some difficulty getting pregnant.

She wrote:  “This journey for us has been full of many happy times and also many tears.  The biggest rollercoaster we have ever been on, without a doubt.  All of the moments of heartache were followed by the biggest blessing in the entire world.”

They’ve been married a little over two years.  (Jason has two daughters from his previous marriage to Jessica Ussery.)