The Top Five Destinations on Our Bucket List

A recent survey by AARP found that 46% of older Americans have a bucket list.  And traveling is the #1 thing we want to do by far.  83% of people with a bucket list said they have at least one destination on there.

Here are the five most popular INTERNATIONAL destinations we want to visit . . .

1.  Australia.

2.  Italy.

3.  The U.K., or Ireland.

4.  France.

5.  The Caribbean.  Africa is next, followed by Canada.

The #1 STATE people want to visit is Hawaii, followed by Alaska, California, Arizona, and Nevada.  Yes, all that inheritance could get flushed down the drain in Vegas.

49% of people said they want to check EVERYTHING off their list.  48% said they just hope to check some stuff off.  And 3% said their bucket list is “just for fun.”

But the good news is that FANTASIZING about a bucket list trip is half the fun.  The survey found dreaming about a trip is just as enjoyable as going on the trip.