A Woman Prays For Guidance on How to Get Revenge on Her Boyfriend . . . and Winds Up Kicking in His Windshield

Are we SURE this is what Jesus would do?

There’s a 24-year-old woman named Barbara Emily Lowery in Cullman, Alabama and she recently found out her boyfriend was cheating on her.  Well, sort of.  Apparently she THOUGHT he was her boyfriend but he didn’t realize that.

But that minor technicality wasn’t slowing down Barbara . . . she wanted REVENGE for him getting-it-on with other women.  So, she says, quote, “I prayed about it and stuff” as she looked for guidance on what to do.

And I’m not sure WHO she prayed to, but apparently the answer she got was . . . trash his car.

So on Monday morning, she went to his work, jumped onto the hood of his Volvo, and KICKED IN the windshield.  Someone saw her and took a video of the entire thing.

Barbara was arrested for disorderly conduct.