Two Years Have Gone By?

As you know, I have been doing this “radio gig” since I was a 19-year old kid who thought I knew everything. Now 36 years later I realize that this vocation has brought me into contact with some REALLY special people.  One of those special people was Charlie Weston.  A more unassuming, humble, gentle professional I have never met!  Charlie, like me, was a “sports nut”, and we spent many hours discussing all-things sports, along with everything else as well..families, food, life in general.  But Charlie, unfortunately passed away after illness two years ago today..and y’know, a day has not passed since that terrible day that I haven’t been thankful that for a small amount of time I was blessed to call old “C-DUB”, a co-worker, a mentor, but mostly..a friend!  See you again someday!