Shania Twain Talked About Peeing Herself in Front of Her Whole School

SHANIA TWAIN wanted to promote her Tuesday appearance with JAMES CORDEN so she sent out a Tweet asking everyone to watch because she was going to talk about her new music.

She never got around to that, but what she did discuss was way funnier.  He asked if it’s true that she has stage fright.  She does, and it caused an embarrassing moment when was 16 years old.

She was asked to sing a song she wrote in front of the whole school, and was so nervous, she PEED herself.  “When I stood up, it just came out, and thankfully I had a glass of water at my feet, and I knocked it over to hide the puddle.”

As far as her upcoming new music.  This will be her first album of new material since splitting with her husband and mentor Mutt Lange, and she’s feeling tons of stress about it.

At one point it was going to come out in May, but it’s been pushed back to early fall.  She also said she’s going to perform some of the songs when she headlines the Stagecoach Festival on April 29th.