Scotty McCreery Almost Drove Off the Road the First Time He Heard One of His Songs on the Radio

CMT asked a few country stars to talk about the first time they heard one of their songs on the radio.  The answers are pretty cool because you can feel how thrilled they were.

WILLIAM MICHAEL MORGAN totally broke down the first time he heard “I Met A Girl” on the air.  Quote, “I cried like a little baby.  Then I called my mama, and we just bawled together.  You dream about that moment, but you still can’t really fathom it.”

SCOTTY MCCREERY had just flown home after being on “American Idol” the night before.  And even though he had JUST been on TV, it still shook him to the core.

“I had to take a red-eye flight back home to go take an AP English test for college credit.  When I got in the car ‘I Love You This Big’ came on immediately.  I was freaking out and was all over the road.  I’ll never, ever forget that.”

LUKE COMBS experienced relief and satisfaction when he heard “Hurricane” for the first time.  “It was so many dreams realized for me in that moment.  I didn’t cry, but it was rush hour, so being stuck in traffic was good for me to just listen.”