Brantley Gilbert’s Advice to New Artists is “Be Yourself” . . . So You Won’t Be Living a Lie

We’ve all heard the basic career advice where someone tells you to “just be yourself.”  Well, duh, of course.  But BRANTLEY GILBERT has fresh take on that . . . and it’s worth hearing.

Someone asked him for advice on how to be a songwriter.  He started out by saying that he’s always tried to be the “What you see is what you get guy.”  But what he said next takes it to another level because it explains WHY that’s so important.  Check it out.

Quote, “[Because] you don’t have to keep up with a story or an image or anything.  You never have to worry about living a lie.  It is what it is.  Everybody has an interesting life in its own way.  It’s the way you portray it to other people as a writer.”

So . . . to review:  You’re not Brantley Gilbert, or Miranda Lambert, or Luke Bryan, and you shouldn’t try to be, because you’ll suck at it.  Okay?  Good.  Class dismissed, finals are Friday.  Try studying this time.