How George Strait’s “Tattoo Incident” Helped Miranda Lambert Heal A Rift With Her Dad

This went down some 10 years ago when MIRANDA LAMBERT was opening for GEORGE STRAIT.

She decided to get that now-famous tattoo of guns and wings on her forearm.  Her dad HATED it so much that he wouldn’t talk to her.  He actually gave her the silent treatment.

The story got back to George so he quietly sent someone out to pick up nearly a hundred fake, press-on tattoos.

And then at the end of the tour when they were about to take the group photo, he made sure every crew member was wearing one.  Miranda’s Dad got the joke, had a laugh . . . and even put one of the tattoos on himself.

Here’s what she said about it: “It sort of like broke the ice between me and my dad and he talked to me again and wasn’t mad anymore . . . so I like to say that George Strait helped mend my dad and my relationship over the tattoo incident.”