Every Team Today Has a Chance to Win it All!

I’ve been a bit “giddy” since I opened my eyes this morning and got on with my day, y’see..it’s Opening Day!  Like kids anxiously wait for Santa or the Easter Bunny, I wait for the yell of “Play Ball!”.  It’s another season of Pittsburgh Pirates baseball, and today, my beloved Buccos have the same chance of every other Major League team at hoisting that trophy come October!  I mean..c’mon..short of the staunchest Cubs fan, who saw THAT coming last season??!!  So, as I eagerly wait for the “magic start time” of 2:05 today from Fenway, I imagine what Clint Hurdle is going to say to the throngs of long-starved Pirates fans during the Victory Parade from “dawwntawwn Pixburgh” at season’s end!  Let’s Go Bucs!!