Are Luke Bryan and Dierks Bentley Worried About an Oscar-type Mistake?

 LUKE BRYAN and DIERKS BENTLEY were on “CBS This Morning” yesterday, hyping their hosting duties at the ACMs this Sunday.  And Gayle King asked if they were nervous about making a mistake like the one at the Oscars.

And the answer is . . . not really.  Although maybe they’re nervous now that she ASKED, and got them to think about it?

Luke says they’re confident partly because they already HAD their own mistake last year.  So they’ve been through it.  They opened the show with a bit involving people in the audience, and a camera guy missed his cue and jumped the gun a little bit.

Since it’s live, you just have to power though.  So they realized things were changing on the fly, and went with it.  Because really, you don’t have a choice.  They can’t imagine that kind of thing happening again, but you never know.

And Dierks said he gets anxious just thinking about it.  Quote, “That’s why we have a backstage bar set up to help level out the nervousness.”  And if you think that’s a joke . . . it might not be.

In another interview, Luke talked about how the Vegas setting becomes part of the show . . . you can feel it in the room.  Things are more fun and loose.  Quote, “It feels like a party, and I think it’s up to Dierks and I to create that vibe up onstage.”