Luke Combs Had No Plan B

Things are moving fast for LUKE COMBS“Hurricane” is up to number four on the top country songs . . . he’s opening for Brantley Gilbert . . . and he announced this week that his first album will be out June 2nd.

Pretty crazy when you consider he only dropped out of college three years ago to move to Nashville.  He says that’s when people were always asking him what his ‘Plan B’ was.  And his answer was . . . he didn’t have one.

See, he only had 21 hours of credits left at Appalachian State University in North Carolina when he bailed to focus on music.  So when he left for Nashville, he says he went to make it happen . . . however it had to happen.

It probably helps that he didn’t have to work random depressing jobs and scrape together cash to get by . . . he lived off a couple self-released EPs.  Which is impressive enough right there.

And this is cool too . . . Luke made sure to add that he’s not exactly PROUD that he dropped out of college, and he’s not encouraging anyone ELSE to try that road either.  He says he’s just lucky it didn’t backfire . . . because it easily could have.