Vince Vaughn Auditioned for Joey on “Friends”, and Jon Favreau Almost Played Chandler

Unless you’re a DIEHARD fan of “Friends”, you probably didn’t know that VINCE VAUGHN was in the running to play Joey before they cast Matt LeBlanc.

Vince was interested . . . but he was rejected by the casting director. At the time, he was pretty much a no-name actor, although he was coming off a small role in the movie “Rudy”.

“Friends” was casting in 1993, and it wasn’t until 1996 that he had a breakthrough role in “Swingers”. He co-starred in that movie with JON FAVREAU, who was also in “Rudy”.

Jon also auditioned for “Friends”. He was being considered for Chandler, but they ended up going with Matthew Perry.

The connections don’t end there. Vince also dated Jennifer Aniston for a while back in 2006, around the time they were doing the movie “The Break-Up”.