The Ten Cars You’re Most Likely to Ditch and Re-Sell Immediately

A new study found out which cars you’re most likely to buy, and then immediately re-sell within a year.  In other words, think twice before you buy them.

The top three are all luxury cars, partly because people realize they can’t afford the payments.  And also because dealers use them as loaners.  Here are the top ten . . .

1.  BMW 3 Series.  8% of them are re-sold in the first year, at a loss of just over $8,000.

2.  BMW 5 Series.  You waste about $11,000 if you re-sell it in the first year.

3.  Mercedes C-Class.  A $9,600 loss.

4.  Nissan Versa Note.  Cheaper car, so you only waste $3,400.  But that’s a 20% loss.

5.  Dodge Dart.  A $5,700 loss.

6.  BMW X3. A $6,400 loss.

7.  BMW 4 Series.  A $9,500 loss.

8.  Mercedes E-Class.  A $12,500 loss.  That’s more than any other car on the list.

9.  Chrysler 200.  You waste $7,500.  That’s a 30% loss, which is the highest on the list.

10.  Subaru WRX.  Which actually has a pretty GOOD resale value.  A new one costs $32,600.  If you sell it the first year, you’ll get about $30,600.  So that’s only a $2,000 loss . . . or about 6% less than you paid.