Michael Ray Is An Irritating Morning Person Who Loves T-Shirts and “This Is Us”

NashCountryDaily.com asked MICHAEL RAY to answer a series of random questions, and we found out a few interesting and odd things.

They asked about his favorite item of clothing, and he said T-shirts.  He was NOT exaggerating.  I inserted his name into a Google image search, and found him wearing one in almost every photo.

For some reason they wanted to know about his favorite breakfast meal.  To that he said, quote, “You can’t go wrong with eggs, grits, and toast.”

He’s also crazy about “This is Us”, because that was his answer to two different questions.  It’s the “last show he binged watched” . . . and . . . “the last time he cried.”

His response to the next question was kind of surprising, y’know, for a musician.  They asked what puts him in a good mood, and he said, quote, “Waking up.  I’m a morning person.  It’s irritating to the majority of my band and anybody else that travels with us.”

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