RNR Heaven Has A New Leader

This past Saturday in his home, the man that arguably defined Rock & Roll passed away at the age of 90.  Chuck Berry single-handedly invented that cool guitar riff that everyone from AC/DC to ZZTop has..erhmmm..”borrowed” for a song or two over their careers.  And of course, the music world has been pouring out their condolences over these last few days.  From Gene Simmons to Keith Richards to Peter Frampton,  alll have given “props” to the man that is now most-certainly taking charge the band in Rock & Roll Heaven.  Even Stevie Ray and Jimi will have to step aside and let CB take the next lead!

And by the way..Chuck was actually getting ready to release his first all-new album in over 40 years when he died.  His label says that album, simply called “CHUCK”, will still be released in the very near future.  Hail, Hail Rock & Roll!  Rest well Mr. Berry.  And as Ted Nugent said so succinctly:   “Chuck Berry, thank you.”