Brett Eldredge Typically Orders Whiskey On The Rocks, Says the Word “Swayo” Too Much, and Always Laughs at the Movie “Step Brothers

Buzzfeed convinced BRETT ELDREDGE to answer 30 questions, and we learned a few interesting and odd things along the way.

When he’s at a bar, he’ll typically order whiskey on the rocks.  The one word he’s guilty of using too often is “swayo” . . . and the first CD he bought was “Dookie” by Green Day.

He can’t resist peanut butter, the movie that makes him laugh the most is “Step Brothers” . . . and get this, he’d choose Nutella over bacon.  (???)

When asked about the best date he’s ever been on, he went with silly instead of sexy.  Quote, “I once took a date whitewater rafting and brought my entire band and crew along.”

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