Frankie Ballard Married a Girl Who Was In Two of His Videos

FRANKIE BALLARD went off and got married without giving us any warning.  He exchanged vows with an actress (slash) business owner named Christina Murphy on Sunday in Bee Cave, Texas . . . about 17 miles west of Austin.

He posted a wedding photo and wrote, “Someday baby, you’ll accomp’ny me . . . and that day is today.  @OldSmokeysBoots has become my wife.”

He’s referencing two things in the post.  He’s quoting one of his favorite songs, Bob Seger’s “You’ll Accomp’ny Me”.

He’s also name-checking Christina’s business, Old Smokeys Boots.  According to the website, she sells re-designed vintage boots . . . and sells stuff in almost every U.S. city, plus Germany, Canada, and Australia.

She’s also an actress who showed up in two of his videos.  She’s one of the girls in A Buncha Girls . . . and she hops on his motorcycle in Helluva Life.