Five Impossible “Would You Rather?” Questions About Food

We’ve got a bunch of “Would you rather?” questions for you right now. And the good news is: None of them will ever come true. Because they’re all horrible, post-apocalyptic nightmares as far as I’m concerned.

Here are five IMPOSSIBLE “Would you rather?” questions about food . . . and how other people answered them.

1. Would you rather give up chocolate or give up candy forever? 73% of people would give up candy, 27% would give up chocolate.

2. Would you rather give up pizza or pasta forever? 55% pasta, 45% pizza.

3. Would you rather have to eat everything hot or everything cold? 67% hot, 33% cold.

4. Would you rather give up fruit or vegetables? 66% vegetables, 34% fruit. (I’m surprised there aren’t, like, 15% of people who said, “Already gave up both, champ.”)

5. Would you rather eat the exact same thing every single day, or never be able to eat the same thing twice? 66% would want the variety, 34% would have the same thing every day.