My Vinyl Clean Out Observations

Springtime means cleaning out sometimes, so I recently looked at my “overly-large-gotta-get-rid-of-some-of this-music-I-have-not-listened-to-in-forever” vinyl album collection and started ridding out.  Here’s what I have discovered while purging my music:

“Sports” by Huey Lewis & the News is still one of the best pop albums ever!

I like Earl Slick as a guitar player, but “Phantom, Rocker, and Slick” was lame!

“Vanilla Fudge” came out in when I was in grade school,so I musta’ swiped it from my brother Greg.

I am proud to have a lot of Dean Martin and Roger Miller vinyl..thanks to my parents for always playing it around the house!

How GOOD is old AC/DC?

Norman Nardini played in Diamond Rio back before there was a famous country band with a similar name

I REALLY do have a lot of KISS records!!  (and I still know all of the songs!)

You HAVE to play Ted Nugent live albums really loud!

The Angels (Angel City) never made a bad album!

and old blues albums sound so much better when they crack and pop a bit (B.B., Muddy, Hooker)

I could go on..but these are just a few observations as I weeded through my records!..Stay tuned..cassettes (yup, still have ’em) and CD’s are next!!