The Highest- and Lowest-Rated New Shows on Broadcast TV

Some new shows have caught on like wildfire this season. Others, not so much.

Here are the Top 10 highest- and lowest-rated new shows on broadcast TV:

The 10 Highest:

1. “This Is Us”, NBC
2. (tie) “Designated Survivor” (ABC)
2. (tie) and “24: Legacy” (Fox)
4. (tie) “Bull” (CBS),
4. (tie) “Kevin Can Wait” (CBS), and
4. (tie) “Lethal Weapon” (Fox)
7. (tie) “Timeless” (NBC),
7. (tie) “Hunted” (CBS),
7. (tie) “American Housewife” (ABC), and
7. (tie) “Speechless” (ABC)

The 10 Lowest:

1. “Ransom” (CBS)
2. Katherine Heigl’s legal drama “Doubt” (CBS)
3. (tie) “My Kitchen Rules” (Fox)
3. (tie) “Training Day” (CBS)
5. “Powerless” (NBC)
6. (tie) “The Exorcist” (Fox),
6. (tie) “Conviction” (ABC), and
6. (tie) “Emerald City” (NBC)
9. (tie) “The New Celebrity Apprentice” (NBC)
9. (tie) “APB” (Fox).