People Loving Vinyl Again, I Never Stopped

Just recently read an article where vinyl record sales increased by 32% between 2015 and 2016, and some 80’s LP’s (if you can find them) are pretty “pricey”.  That makes me smile, because despite teasing, ribbing, and ridicule I have never stopped “lovin my black plastic”!  In fact, just took “1989’s “STEEL WHEELS” off the old turntable last night!  I understand that with cd’s, downloads, and all the high tech ways to enjoy music today it may seem “archaic” to drop the needle to the record, but there is NOTHING like that slight rumble, and a little crackle to get the musical blood going!  And according to the latest reports…other folks are seeming to agree!  And how can you deny how much fun it is to study those awesome covers!!