Country Music News Roundup 2-21-2017

Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard tells People magazine that he was stunned when he found out Thomas Rhett was going to become a father. It happened while they were on vacation together. Both of our wives actually took a pregnancy test and I yelled to Lauren that we were pregnant, joking because we weren’t pregnant, and she said, ‘Yes, we are, too!’ I realized, ‘Oh my gosh, Lauren, I was just kidding,’ so we all celebrated — Lauren, Hayley and I really quickly — and then we ran to the gym to tell Thomas Rhett. It was an awesome way to find out and we couldn’t be more happy for them. Also, we got the time to get to celebrate together, but then having to come back home and not tell anybody was challenging, but kind of fun. Definitely a cool moment we’ll never forget.”


Blake Shelton tells Yahoo that he wants David Lee Roth to replace him when he leaves The Voice. “We need somebody that’s going to come in swinging. So I’m gonna say David Lee Roth! I want to see that!” Come on! Let’s get Dave in here!”


Carrie Underwood tells InStyle magazine that her hockey playing husband Mike sometimes wears makeup. “He’s gonna kill me. He plays hockey and sometimes he gets bruises or cuts on his face and stuff like that. And if we have a red carpet I’ll be like, ‘Can I just take care of that?’ So, I’ve actually put makeup on him.”