Kelsea Ballerini Always Has Seven Containers of Hummus In Her Fridge

Have you noticed how much stress country artists have about the stuff they eat on the road?  KENNY CHESNEY needs his skinless chicken breasts, and CARRIE UNDERWOOD will go to the ends of the earth for vegan food.

Somebody asked KELSEA BALLERINI what she has to have.  Quote, “All I want is hummus for some reason.  It’s a comfort thing.  I have to have it.  There’s always like seven containers in my fridge.  I eat it all the time with veggies or pita chips.”

Of course, that’s not all she eats.  She keeps her eyes peeled for a Whole Foods Market, because she loves their California Chicken Salad.  Quote, “I’ll get a big tub of that and pita chips, plus a kombucha, and just go to town.  That’s my favorite thing.”

And here’s another thing about famous people.  When they’re NOT eating healthy, they wolf down the same stuff as the rest of us.   Kelsea posted a video the other day of herself in the McDonald’s drive-thru ordering a 10-piece nuggets.  And yes, she liked fries with that.