The Best Pizza In America Is in . . . Phoenix?

With all due respect to Phoenix, it’s not exactly famous for being the home of gourmet food.  So this is CRAZY right here.

According to a new survey by “Travel and Leisure”, Phoenix is the city with America’s FAVORITE PIZZA.  Chicago came in fourth, and New York City was only sixth.

So how did that happen?

“Travel and Leisure”wrote that Phoenix, quote, “offers a slice for every pizza preference . . . classic thin crusts, award-winning margheritas, gourmet Neapolitan, wood-fired pies, traditional deep dishes, and drive-thru pizza by the slice.”

The rest of the top 10 best pizza cities in America are:  Detroit . . . Buffalo, New York . . . Chicago . . . Providence, Rhode Island . . . New York City . . . Madison, Wisconsin . . . Wilmington, North Carolina . . . Philadelphia . . . and Knoxville, Tennessee.