A Girl’s New Nanny Donated Part of Her Liver to Save Her Life

There’s a couple named George and Farra Rosko who live in Jackson, New Jersey, about 60 miles south of New York City. And they have a 16-month-old daughter named Talia, who was born with a serious liver disorder.

A few months ago, her doctors said she needed a transplant, and might not make it to her second birthday. But right around then, George and Farra hired a new nanny . . . a 22-year-old named Kiersten Miles.

And three weeks after she started, she offered to donate part of HER liver to save Talia’s life.

Kiersten knew she had type-O blood, meaning she’s a universal donor. And she’s the one who brought it up.

She went through a bunch of tests to make sure she was a match, and it turned out she was. So the surgery happened last month in Philadelphia, and they’re both doing great.

Talia’s parents say they were blown away by how willing Kiersten was to help. But she says it was a small price to pay for saving a little girl’s life.