Reaction to Trump Inauguration Similar to 2005, 2013 Inaugurations

Americans are more hopeful than negative about the four next years, according to a Gallup poll taken after Donald Trump’s inauguration. Gallup asked 508 adults Friday: “Based on what you have heard or read about today’s inauguration, does it make you feel more hopeful about the next four years, less hopeful or does it not make any difference? 39% said they’re more hopeful compared with 30% less hopeful and 30% said what they heard made no difference. Reactions to Trump’s inauguration stayed along party lines. 78% of Republicans, including Republican-leaning independents, say they are more hopeful and 3% less hopeful and 19% said it makes no difference. In contrast, 56% of Democrats are less hopeful about the next four years, 8% are more hopeful and 36% say it makes no difference.