One in Four People Have Secretly Gone Into Someone Else’s Facebook Account

If you’ve ever left Facebook open on your computer or you left your phone somewhere unlocked . . . yeah, someone went digging through it.
According to a new study, one out of four people have secretly gone into their friend, significant other, or family member’s Facebook account . . . and they did it on that person’s computer or phone.
The top three reasons people did it are jealousy . . . curiosity . . . and fun. Only 4% did it because they were angry at the person.
The study also found that when someone goes onto their significant other’s profile, the FIRST thing they check are the person’s private messages. When people went into friends’ or family members’ accounts, they looked at things like photos and wall posts.
And about 10% of the people who’ve gone onto another person’s Facebook posted something . . . usually as a prank, but in a few cases, it was for REVENGE.