The Eli Young Band Tour Bus Was Destroyed in a Fire, But They’re Still Going to Perform This Weekend

A tour bus and trailer belonging to the ELI YOUNG BAND was destroyed in a fire near Topeka, Kansas the other night.  None of the band members were on board, and the bus driver managed to escape without injury.

Unfortunately, all of the electronic and sound equipment on board was also destroyed. No word yet on what caused the fire.

The band posted video of the bus and trailer up in flames, and wrote, “We’ve lost more than a bus here.  There are memories and possessions that we can’t replace.  It’s really sad to see her go.  We’re just happy that our driver, Randy, is safe.”

They were able to scramble together some equipment because they ARE still going to make their shows tomorrow night in Mahnomen, Minnesota . . . and Saturday in New Town, North Dakota.

They hit up Twitter with that news, writing, “Hey fans and friends, we’re safe and sound.  Show must go on . . . will see y’all this weekend.”  (Here’s another photo of the bus and trailer engulfed in flames.)