A Guy Returns a Library Book That’s 100 Years Overdue

Now THIS is some spectacular procrastination right here.

A woman named Phoebe Webb from San Francisco checked out a book called “Forty Minutes Late” from the library back in 1917. She passed away right before the due date and never returned the book.

Now fast forward to 1996. Her great-grandson named Webb Johnson was going through a box of her stuff when he found the book. And even though he realized it was VERY overdue, he decided to hang onto it.

But then, earlier this month, the San Francisco libraries announced a temporary amnesty program, where people could bring back overdue books without having to pay a fine. And Webb thought that’d be a good opportunity to return it.

So last Friday, he returned “Forty Minutes Late” . . . 100 years late.

The library says the fine would’ve been $3,650 . . . although they probably would’ve capped it at around $5.