A 94-Year-Old Woman Graduated College with Straight A’s

There’s a 94-year-old woman in Hawaii named Amy Craton, who’s originally from Massachusetts.  And she always wanted to get her college degree.

She went to school for a while in the early 1960s, but had four kids.  So she had to drop out to get a full-time job.

But she recently started taking classes online through Southern New Hampshire University.  They do online classes, but they also have an actual campus.

And she graduated in November with STRAIGHT A’S.  She got her Bachelor of Arts degree in English, and had a perfect 4.0 GPA.

The school’s commencement ceremony for winter graduates is this May, and unfortunately she won’t be able to go.  She’s in a wheelchair, and it’s a big trip at 94 years old.

But the president of the university is a guy named Paul LeBlanc.  And he surprised her on Monday by showing up in Hawaii to HAND-DELIVER her diploma at a surprise graduation party.

Amy says she enrolled in classes because she felt like she still had more to learn, and didn’t want to sit around watching Netflix all day.  And next up, she wants to get her master’s degree.