Lady Gaga Is Doing the Super Bowl Halftime Show Alone

Word has it that LADY GAGA is taking on the Super Bowl Halftime Show next month . . . ALONE. That reverses a six-year trend of having a headliner, and a few additional guests. The last act to do the show solo was THE WHO in 2010.

Meanwhile, there was a report that the NFL was banning Gaga from making any kind of political statements during the show . . . but the league is denying it. An NFL spokesperson says, quote, “This is unsourced nonsense from people trying to stir up controversy where there is none.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean she WILL bring politics into it . . . just that it’s apparently her call. By the way, Gaga is practicing in a tent that she built in her backyard. And she says she’s “training” for it every day.