36? Seems Like Yesterday to Me..So Thank You!

Sitting in the studio today, doing what I do..talking with and hanging out with you, like I have done so many other times.  And had it not been for a friend on a social media site wishing me a “Happy Anniversary” I would have forgotten that this week marks 36 years since I first sat in front of a radio console here in the “Swamp”!  Wow, time does slip by!!  1981 does just seem like a  few short weeks ago!  Thank you to all the “Powers to Be-Past & Present” who have given me this awesome job!  And, as corny as it MAY sound, mostly to YOU, my friends, who have ALWAYS made me feel welcome in your worlds, no matter what type of music or “blabbage” I may be sending out.  1981 or 2017, I have always had the coolest gig in the world!  Thank you for that!young-jayjaypout