Willie Nelson Would Like to Fast Forward Four Years

DONALD TRUMP’sinauguration is still several days away . . . but WILLIE NELSON’s already tired of hearing about it.  He tells “Rolling Stone”, quote, “You can’t watch TV without seeing something about the inauguration.”

Clearly, he’s over the inauguration because he’s bummed about the election results.  He was all-in on BERNIE SANDERS, and then shifted to HILLARY CLINTON.

But he’s not just whining about it, he already recorded a new song called “Delete and Fast-Forward”.  It’s his way of saying he’d like to fast forward four years.  It’ll be on his new album “God’s Problem Child”, which will be out in April.

So by now you’re thinking, “Wait, all interviews with Willie HAVE to talk about marijuana, right?”  Of course they do.  He was also asked if he’s worried that the new administration might enact some tough marijuana laws.

He said, quote, “Who cares?  I didn’t have any problem finding [weed] when it was illegal, and now that it’s legal, it’s still no problem.  Making it illegal again won’t stop people from smoking.  They should have learned that back in prohibition days.”