How Much Money Would You Save If You Didn’t Buy Anything For an Entire Year?

I love when someone does something EXTREME for a New Year’s resolution and actually sticks to it . . . especially because I could NEVER pull this off.

A woman named Michelle McGagh in London, England made a New Year’s resolution last year to not buy ANYTHING in 2016.

The only things she spent money on were her mortgage, bills, insurance, and charity donations, which were about $2,300 a month. Then she gave herself a budget for food and toiletries of $43 a week . . . or about $6 a day.

She canceled things like Netflix and her gym membership. And, quote, “It meant no movies, no nights at the bar, no carryout or restaurant meals, no new clothes, no vacations, not even a Kit Kat from the grocery store. And no Starbucks.”

So how much money did she save last year? $27,000. NOW she’s not sounding like such a lunatic, huh? (We did the math, and her salary is around $57,000 a year, based on what she spent and saved.)

She says she used the money to pay off a big chunk of her mortgage early . . . and now that she’s not on the plan anymore, she’s more or less lost the urge to make a bunch of frivolous purchases.