Zombies Would Totally Wipe Out Humanity in 100 Days or Less

I’m not sure this really counts as a silver lining . . . but if there IS a zombie apocalypse one day, at least it’ll be over quickly.

Researchers at the University of Leicester in England just finished up a study on ZOMBIES, and they figured out that it would take less than 100 days for the zombies to kill or infect everyone on the planet and totally wipe out humanity.

They estimated that every zombie would have a 90% chance of infecting one person per day or eating their brains.

That would make the infection spread twice as fast as the Plague did in Europe in the 14th century . . . and it would drop the population from 7.5 billion people to just 181 people in 100 days.

But . . . there is some hope. Those numbers don’t account for us FIGHTING BACK.

If every person has a 10% chance of KILLING one zombie every day, we could kill off all the zombies within about three years.

And the few hundred people who managed to avoid getting infected could begin repopulating the Earth . . . although it would take about 27 years before the population would really start recovering again.