James Gang May Ride Again! (And Others Too!)

If you’ve EVER listened to Rock Radio for say..THREE HOURS, chances are you’ve heard the cool tunage of a little old band outta Cleveland known as The James Gang!  Y’know “Funk #49” or “Walk Away”?  Well, Joe Walsh who was a BIG part of that band after he joined ’em 2 years into their existence in 1968, said they may consider doing a 50th anniversary reunion tour!  Joe says that he and Dale Peters and Jimmy Fox have always been “friendly”, so it could be put together.   I think a lot of the classic rockers are re-thinking going out “one more time”.  Rumors of Richie Blackmore getting back with a reformed Rainbow, Lou Gramm with Foreigner to celebrate their 40th, and even rumblings that Roger Fripp and King Crimson will be doing shows have surfaced, and I think that a lot of these “superstars” are realizing… THEY REALLY ARE MORTAL, and the clock IS ticking, so a good number of longstanding feuds are ending, a lot of hatchets have been buried, and a lot of great bands may give it “one more go”, and WE the music fans will be the ones who benefit!!